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Welcome to a world of wonder by Marcus Lindh, Illusionist and Engineer. 

We create world class magic and mystery shows using our own brand of advanced products and innovative and unique ideas. Our strength lies in the development of custom technology and advanced solutions for entertainment and film productions. Our core areas are within entertainment production, film production, special effects (practical, visual, pyrotechnics) and technical consulting. All combined with our own special solutions into a unique world of wonder.

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Our Services

Lindhtech Light & Magic creates spectacular magic shows, stunning musical choreographed fireworks shows, film productions and all magical and special effects in between.


Magic & mysteries

World class magic and mystery shows with our own unique illusions. Everything from close up magic to Las Vegas like stage shows.


special effects

Custom made practical and visual effects for stage, theatre and films. Lindhtech has a warehouse full of interesting and unique props and scenery suitable for stage and film productions.

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Film production

Film production for short films, commercial and company presentations. Click here to see our portfolio of recent productions.


fireworks shows

Spectacular fireworks shows synchronized to music. Utilizing our own computerized digital firing system. Pyrotechnical special effects.

Speaker Giving a Talk at Business Meeting. Audience in the conference hall. Business and Entrepreneurship. Copy space on white board.


Lectures for schools and universities.


technical consulting

Electrical design and system design. PCB developement and production. Custom made DMX receivers. Software development. Robotics.


Below are some highlights from our projects.


Spectacular magic and mysteryshow with Marcus Lindh. Our biggest production to date with unique illusions and mysteries seen nowhere else. Part of the show has taken nearly 10 years to develop. Finally it can be watched on stage.

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Lindhtech have been involved in many different projects. Everything from small scale close-up magic to launching Europes largest scientific sounding rocket, – to creating epic lasershows. A project can never be too small or too big!

A lot of the technology used in our productions are developed and manufactured in house. This is to be able to meet our very specific needs. When creating brand new magic illusions we often have to push the technical limits for what’s possible!

Custom made camera equipment is manufactured to create majestic and hollywood-style cinematic scenes. This includes dollys, motorized sliders, jibs and drones. The custom made equipment is then used when we produce films for our clients or for our own productions.

We have been involved in and produced short films, commercials, product videos and delivered special effects and technical knowledge.

Marcus is especially interested in space science and produces videos and material for the Swedish Space Corporation. Several videos of rocket launches and balloon launches has been made. An extensive image library of aurora timelapses has been created during our trips to Kiruna above the arctic circle. The footage is frequently shown and used in various medias such as Swedish and German television and several printed books and folders.

Marcus is a fully licensed pyrotechnician in all categories. We have been involved in several pyrotechnical productions and composed music synchronized fireworks shows. Below is a picture from the official new year’s eve firework display in Luleå (2017) composed and launched from our own digital firing systems with an audience of several thousands.

Our Team

This is our core team.


Manager, Illusionist & Engineer

Founder of Lindhtech Light & Magic. Performs as an illusionist. Masters degree in robotics. Licensed pyrotechnician.


technician - Live Mixing

Childhood friend of Marcus always supporting and helping with the live productions.



Former class mate of Marcus. Performs as an actor and stage hand.



Former class mate of Marcus. Performs as an actor and stage hand.

What Clients Say

The show was fantastic! Unexpected moments and lot's of laughter!


Marcus has been of tremendous help for us. Nothing to improve.


Some of our customers


For booking requests of Marcus or if you would like to get help with your production or technical consulting, please use the email address below or contact us through social media. We will come back to you as soon as possible!