This picture shows our smallest 8″ globe together with our largest 18″ globe containing the same northern lights green gas mixture.


Lindhtech Plasma Globes

We are proud to offer a unique range of affordable museum sized plasma globes. As a worlds first we also offer our globes with optional DMX control for simple integration in your show/museum/park etc.

Our plasma globes are hand blown from temperature hardened and very thick laboratory grade borosilicate glass. Inside the globe is a special gas mixture providing bright and vivid electrical streamers reaching from the center to the outer glass. Our favourite gas mixture provides green streamers emerging from an orange-red glowing center electrode and splits into multiple red-orange tendrils when reaching the outer glass. This unusual color is unlike anything seen in consumer grade plasma globes. The green color is also perfect for visualizing the green plasma in northern lights. Other colors can be provided upon request.

The glass globe is mounted on a massive wooden base containing our custom designed electronics that excites the globe and provides different and adjustable effects.

For ordering, please contact us as each globe is custom made to order. The sizes we provide are:

  • 8″ (20cm) – 290€
  • 12″ (30cm) – 690€
  • 15″ (38cm) – 990€
  • 18″ (46cm) – 2950€